wrapped in a crepe 

A superb combination of Hokkaido Jersey milk and Premium cheeses.

The Milk Cheese Cake is part of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s folklore, being our first ever creation.

Rich, luscious cream cheese from France & Hokkaido are expertly blended with Hokkaido fresh cream & well-selected milk, along with premium cheese and milk mousses gently wrapped in a crepe at the base of the cake.



Melon Milk Cheesecake


Milk Cheesecake

  wrapped in a crepe 
made using Japanese melon

Based on our signature Milk Cheese Cake, our Melon Milk Cheesecake is created using high-quality Japanese Melon, as well as premium cream cheese from France & Hokkaido.

The cheeses are then expertly blended with Hokkaido fresh cream & Japanese fresh milk. The finishing touch is a wrapped crepe at the base of the cake.

Tiramisu Milk Cheesecake



 wrapped in a crepe 

TMCF’s Tiramisu Cheesecake is here!

Combining the piquancy of coffee, the silkiness of chocolate and the creaminess of cheese with our seasonal Tiramisu Cheesecake.

Our mouth-watering Tiramisu cheesecake is a coffee semi-sponge cake, ensconced by crepe at the bottom and filled with cheese mousse made with Hokkaido cream cheese and Mascarpone cheese with a generous sprinkling of coffee cake crumbs at the top.